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Top 10 Ali Project Albums

10 - Erotic & Heretic (2002)

Honestly I don't care for this one that much, very hit or miss, but it has my favorite alipro song evar on it, so I have to make sure it gets a spot just for that.

9 - Psychedelic Insanity (2007)

This is their newest j-pop album, its a bit crazy (hence the name) but a good album overall, but it's a bit short too. Unlike their other albums, this one starts out weak but then gets good a few songs in

8 - Gekka no Ichigun (1992)

Their first album! Gets a spot for being a total classic!

7 - Romance (2006)

A strong album all around with an amazing closer, one of their best songs ever.

6 - Kamigami no Tasogare (2005)

This was my first alipro album so I'll always have a soft spot for it

5 - Dilettante (2005)

This one starts really strong then kind of trails off, but not as much as their other j-pop albums so its still a winner.

4 - Noblerot (1998)

A really strong album, combines the two sides of alipro beautifully together!

3 - Moonlight Intoxication (2003)

Most relaxing album ever <3
This is their first, and imo best strings album

2 - Dali (1994)

The best! This album is pure alipro style J-Pop from start to finish, their finest of that genre

1 - Grand Finale(2007)

In one word: Epic. Ali Project once again breaks all international laws of music with this album, putting them on the top of intermpols list

14 studio albums and 15 years of Ali Project culminates in this album, which takes 9 songs from their discography, and redoes them with a full symphony orchestra. The resulting combination of j-pop style orchestra is truly a treat for the ears for sure! A+ <3 <3 <3

The title for this album is a bit ominous though, i really hope it isn't their last album because they have plenty of life left in them imo!

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