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Elfen Lied Review

Elfen Lied (english title: That lying elf) is one of the deepest anime ever. It has pretty much everything: Tits, and violence! Lucy is a killer diclosaurus who likes to run around naked (because she isn't human and doesn't believe in clothes) and kill people! It's pretty much the greatest idea for anything, ever. They even stole the idea for the third terminator movie. But this came first. Anyways Lucy kills lots of people, and then... she kills some more lol! In fact that is pretty much the entire story, she kills people, the military tries to stop her, and she kills them too lol! If you like tits, boobs, nipples, breasts, jugs, knockers, and people getting their limbs torn off one by one, Elfen Lied is the anime for YOU.

SCORE: 5 out of 5 secretary heads!

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