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Top 10 Worst Final Fantasy Games

10 - Final Fantasy XI

This game is actually really good, but sadly I've only played 10 different FF games so I had to put it on the list cuz no one wants to read a top 9 list, that just wouldn't be right, right? Anyways this game is a lot of fun, theres tons of stuff to do and a lot of people to play with to get it done with. The japanese players are always really friendly and love to help out english players because they like to practice english on us!

9 - Final Fantasy VIII

This game is pretty good good too, the story is great and it also has a really cute love story with squall and rinoa, he is totally bishie too! It has a lot of memorable characters too like selphie, trains trains trains, hehe, i love it! Equipping magic is lots of fun but the game kind of loses it at the end, especially the last dungeon which takes way too long :(

8 - Final Fantasy

Now onto the not as good games in the series. This is the first game in the series, and is totally annoying! I try to fight these pirate guys, but when one dies, my guys all attack the air where he was and before I can re-target, I get killed, lame!

7 - Final Fantasy V

I never played the console version of this one (it was on NES right?) but I played a rom and it totally sucked, what kind of name is Butz for a main character? That's the gayest name since Cloud lol! Everyone else in your party is a girl for some reason, this is a really un-manly FF game, but it does have girls and butz lol!

6 - Final Fantasy IX

I don't get it, this one was on playstation, but it looks exactly like the NES games! Upgrade your graphics guys!

5 - Final Fantasy VII


4 - Chrono Trigger

This one isn't named Final Fantasy but it always seems to get named a lot with the other final fantasy games so I'm pretty sure it is one, I think it was called final fantasy 4 in japan but they renamed it for america. Anyways this game is super freaking annoying because of the time travel, which means you not only have to be in the right place, but at the right time! Like for example I'm doing some quest with a sun stone and it said to come back later, well I left my SNES on for a month and came back and it still wasnt ready! How long is this crap gunna take!?

3 - Final Fantasy 3

This one started really good, but totally fell apart in the second half. The storys narrative totally stops once you hit the world of ruin, as every party member becomes optional except for emo gir, the drunk, and the bard. Nothing of significance happens as you spend 20 hours running around the world map in the biggest side-quest ever in order to recreate your party, then once you finally finish that, theres only 1 dungeon left then the game is over

2 - Final Fantasy 2

The story in this one is so dumb! I mean, a whale from the moon? Its like the development team was trapped in a room with a gas leak when they thought of that! Plus every single party member dies in the game, but then later it turns out they aren't actually dead. All those tears I shed for palom and porom were for nothing! F- for pulling at my heartstrings like that!

1 - Final Fantasy Tactics

Possibly one of the worst games, if not the worst game, ever made. All the freaking battles take like 20 goddamn minutes to beat, even random ones when you're the map! I can't imagine the kind of patience someone must have to beat this game. Plus unlike the other final fantasy games where you attack, then your character will step forward then back afterwards, you have to move yourself manually in this one, then wait 5 minutes for it to be that characters turn again! Avoid at all costs!

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