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Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Review

Hagaren (Fullmetal Alchemist for you losers who watch it on adult swim -_-) is the story of two brothers, ed and al, who want to save their mother! Aww, how sweet right? Well they can't, because she's dead! lol! Anyways they travel across the country fighting the military and trying to stop the seven deadly sins from getting the sorcerors stone to gain immortality

Edward - Edward is the younger brother, the halfmetal alchemist. He is called that because his leg is made out of metal and his arm is a sword. He aspires to be like his big brother one day

Alphonsie - Al is the much stronger, totally buff older brother. Because he is so strong he wears a suit of armor all the time to make himself even stronger, doing this gave him the nickname fullmetal alchemist

Mustange - This guy iS the coolest, because he's so hot, get it, hot? Ha ha ha! He's a total ripoff of mikeman because he shoots fire from his hands but that's such a cool ability that I'll let it slide

Lust - Most aptly named character ever!

Gluttony - lol he's fat

Wrath - lol he's angry!

Pride - He's a really sore loser >:[

This is a really good show and super DEEP, especially the ending which I won't spoiler but its totally friggen awesome!

SCORE: 5 out of 5 Alphonses!

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