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Gurren Laggan Review

Gurren Laggan GL is the story of a drill, who when he shouts, gets bigger. I'm pretty sure its a penis metaphor. He also likes to pierce things, like women, robots, and heavens. Anyways, he spends a lot of time screaming, like about 70% of every episode, and then gets bigger. By the end of the series he is REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG, like, insanely big. The biggest drill in the history of the universe even. GL has a lot of action, screaming, powerups, and pointless fanservice characters with huge tits, which makes it pretty much like every other shonen ever, but with only 27 episodes instead of the normal 250 like other shonen, it's definitely worth a watch. While screaming

SCORE: 5 out of 5 core drills!

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