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Higurashi Review

Higurashi (English title: When they die) is the story of a town called hinazawa where every year the towns people hold a festival then kill each other the next day in honor of their god oyashiho-sama. Keiichi (who goes by the nickname K1 because he likes jelly) is a boy who recently moved to town and is shocked when he finds out about this festival and decides to try and stop everyone from killing each other. What makes higurashi so deep and involving is that all of the killers are little girls! Betchu didn't see that coming lol! Anyways here is a quick rundown of K1s killer pals!

Rena - Hauu! O-mach curry! Rena is the UBER-CUTE star of higurashi, but she's also got a dark side! Her two hobbies are collecting cute things, and then hacking them to bits LOL!

Miom - Better not mess with this tomboy, or she'll shoot you with her gun! Bang bang! :)

Rika - She is the mastermind behind the whole plot but she never actually kills anyone which is kind of boring, she just sends her henchgirls rena and miom to to the killing

Satoko - She slaughters people brutally with her giant kitchen knife, then laughs at their dead bodies! OH HO HO HO HO! Satoko is so sick and twisted, her whole family left town to get away from her and she had to go live with Rikar

The main villian is a fat police officer named Oshi which is japanese for delicious, he wants to clean up the town and stop everyone from kiling each other whichw oudl be no fun :(

Anyways I have only seen the first four episodes so far but its already my favorite show evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar so I highly recommend you check it out and watch out for all the blood!

SCORE: 5 out of 5 bloody hatchets!

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