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Kaiji Review

Kaiji is an unusual show. It has a very unique art style, and is a very refreshing change from the moe schoolgirl shit makes up about 99% of all anime right now. Kaiji is a young man who one day finds himself in debt to the Yakuza. A lot of debt. He has a few choices, spend 40 years paying them back, or take a "gamble" on their cruise ship. He picks the latter. On this ship he meets many other men in situations similar to his, down on their luck human trash. But here comes what is possibly the weirdest setup for a show ever, but Kaiji takes it and makes it awesome against all expectations. These men must play rock paper scissors against each other. Those who win will have their debts erased, those who lose will be taken away and forced into a lifetime of hard labor.

I had a lot of doubt when I started watching this show, I thought it would be more stupid overhyped trash, but I guess with these low expectations I ended up being very pleasantly surprised. Despite being portrayed as a total loser at the start, Kaiji is actually very smart and cunning, and fights to the absolute end against whatever odds he is placed against. The show isn't without its flaws though, as each of the main story arcs does tend to start off very slow, each time with me thinking "this is the dumbest game ever" but once things get going, somehow, it becomes awesome

SCORE: 5 out of 5 E-cards!

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