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My Favorite Genesis Master System Games


Alf is a game based off a cartoon from the 80s. Like many other cartoons of the era, it was designed to sell action figures. In the game, you run around town, looking for cats to sell, while avoiding dog catchers. What I like about this game is that there is always something new to discover. Why just today I realized you can open doors! I've never gotten past the cave area, bUt I'm sure something awesome is waiting for me at the end! Someday I'll do it!

Back to the Future 2 and 3

These are two seperate games, but I thought I'd review them together. In Back to the Future 2, you play as Mary who rides around on a hoverskate board, your goal is to get past another kid on a hoverboard. This sounds easy, but its actually really hard! I've only gotten past him once so I dont really remember what is after that.

In back to the future 3, you play as a doctor, but not a normal doctor, one who kills people! This game is really easy, all you have to do is chase this girl long enough, and she'll run off the cliff because she's so scared of you. I love games with happy endings!

Forgotten Worlds

This game is a much more streamlined version of the american version, removed from this release are some stages, bosses, and the B button. You use the two master buttons to turn, and your gun fires automatically, a settign that must be put on manually in the genesis version. I like this game because it's a lot easier to play because of things like that. Also removed is the second half of stage 2 and the first half of stage 3, the two stages just sort of scroll together now and you're right at the final boss before you know it! I appreciate games that remove unneeded fluff to provide a nice streamlined play experience

Fantasy Zone: The Maze

This a awesome combination of two of my favorite games, Fantasy Zone and Pac Man. Instead of tediously flying around trying to shoot stuff, you run through tunnels eating money! You can buy powerups and even shoot stuff, which makes it way more better than pac-man, you barely get to do anything in that game!

Mortal Combat 3

I have to agree with Polly, the Master System Version of MC3 is way better than the Nintendo one. You've got 8 characters to pick from (that's as many as street fighter too!) and then you battle it out using special moves like round house kick and uppercut. When you win a fight, the word Fatally appears on screen, and you get to deliver one more crushing blow to your opponent. My favorite character is Sub-Zero, he's totally Kool!

T2 The Arcade Game

Back when I was living in China, lots of people had master systems because that was the hip thing to do. And of all the games they had, the one everyone had and loved was terminator 2. Don't ask me why, but they just loved this shit. Personally I don't really like this one, I only found two humans to shoot in a few minutes of play, seriously if you're going to make a game where you shoot stuff at least give me some enemies!

Xenon 2

This game feature two things that make it far better than the genesis version: A zoomed in view, to get you into the action, and more bullettime, that lets you dodge like 4 bullets at a time like Neo from the Matrix! It's totally awesome!

Zaxxon 3D

This game is really neat, it's in 3D! I think it came with 3d glasses but I lost those, but if you cross your eyes just right it still works! Anyways in this game you ... fly... around.... I have a headache...

Final Fantasy Star

While there are many spinoffs to the Final Fantasy series, Adventure, Tactics, Mana, Legend, Crystal Chronicles, and VII, the one I NEVER see people mention is Star, probably because it's European only. This series was a failed attempt to mix final fantasu with star wars, you play as a young jedi knight, Alice, off to avenge the death of her brother at the hands of darth lassic. At least I think thats the story, I kind of button mashed through the intro, that shit is so boring.

This game is incredibly hard though, just a few steps outside town and I got attacked and killed instantly! So screw this game, it's my new least favorite final fantasy! Worse than tactics even!

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