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Random Stuffs!

This is where I post random stuff lol!

i.SMPS Top 10 Worst Final Fantasy Games of All Time - Not by Pat
Only 10? Why not all of them lol!

i.SMPS Top 10 Best Ali Project of All Time - By Ether
Only 10? Why not all of them lol!

Sega Master Genesis Game reviews for Sega's greatest system!

Only - By Rhete
This is the best AMV you will ever see! Contains Higurashi season 2 spoilers

Mii! - It's Rika, she's so cute! Mii!

Pah! - It's Rika again, she's still so cute! Mii-pah!

Rawr! - It's Howard Dean, he's so cute! Rar!

Snoopy! - It's Snoop Dog, he's so cute! Mii!

You Soda! - It's Rena, and she's thirsty!

Baw caw baw! - It's Rena, doing a chicken impression!

How? - It's Akira, and she's confused!

Rika Spin! Spin spin spin spin spin lol!

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