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The Top 22 Virtual Boy Games Of All Time according to SNES!
by Ether

With the release of the Occulus Rift, Virtual Reality is back and bigger than ever before! So what better time than now to look back at how it all started, with the genwon of Virtual Reality, the Virtual Boy! You know, before VR was a Virtual Man! LOL! Anyways here are my 22 favorite games from Nintendo's spinach colored head mounted portable.

#22 - Golf

Four! It's time to hit the reds in Virtual Boy Golf, this amazingly life-like golf simulation where you tee off, stroke, and put your way into 18 lovely holes!

#21 - V-Tetris

It's Tetris, but in 3D!

#20 - 3D Tetris

OK actually fuck that other Tetris game, this one is actually Tetris in 3D!

#19 - Panic Bomber

What is this some sort of Yoshi's Cookie ripoff but with Bomberman? Well Bomberman is cool so I feel pretty confident saying this is better than Tetris.

#18 - Vertical Force

As the title plainly states, this game is vertical, not 3D. I appreciate a game telling you to stay away like that.

#17 - Galactic Pinball

It's no Alien Crush, but it is slightly less red.

#16 - Mario Clash

Finally a Mario game! This time Mario trades in his trusty blue Overalls for some red and black ones! This 3D remake of the original Mario Bros lets you Mario and Brose through 50 exciting levels.

#15 - Mario's Tennis

You know what Mario is sick of throwing turtles all the time, it's time to kick back and relax with Mario Golf!

Wait this is Tennis hold on I

#14 - Virtual League Baseball

The most boringest of all sports comes to Virtual Boy, but now you can see the balls coming at your face in 3D!

#13 - Virtual Bowling

Now you can see balls moving away from your face in 3D!

#12 - Virtua Racing

The arcade classic comes to your home... or is it to portables? Uhh I dunno, Virtua Racing, blast processed straight onto your face!

#11 - Virtual Fishing

Now you can be bored anywhere while on the go! I mean, assuming you take your Virtual Boy with you on the go but who doesn't!?

#10 - Virtual Lab

What the heck is this game.

#9 - Virtua Fighter 2

Another arcade classic makes its way to the Virtual Boy... this is a Virtual Boy game, right?

#8 - Virtual Boy Wario Land

It's... a port of Wario Land... but it's red now. Yay? AHHHHHHHH I HAVE A HEADACHE CAN I STOP ALREADY PLEASE

#7 - Virtua Cop

I gotta say, this one really benefits from being in 3D! The light gun accessory also adds a lot to the immersion!

#6 - Teleroboxer

Once again first person is the best for these games it seems, as this 3D RoBoot (That's a reboot but with robots) of Mike Tyson's Punch Out really knocks me out!

#5 - Red Alarm

Move over Star Fox, a new game is in town! You thought navigating through simple shaded polygons at 20 FPS was difficult, experience a hellish maze like never before as you try to navigate through wireframes, with no way to discern which are intended to be solid or not!

#4 - Jack Bros.

Jack Frost of Persona and Shin Megumi Tensay fame gets his very own game!

#3 - Waterworld

Dive into a post apocalyptic hellscape where the water is black and everything else is red! Bleak!

#2 - Cyber Troopers Virtual-On

Hell yeah now we're talking this game rules. I especially love the link cable functionality, allowing you to go.... HEAD TO HEAD with another player in the room!

#1 - Nester's Funky Bowling

First he starred in Nintendo Power comics, then got his own animated program, now finally Captain Nester the Game Master gets his own game! It's time to... bowl? SERIOUSLY?

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